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An Open Letter to the Pope: Abortion and Mercy

It’s Presidential Race season, and you know what that means…Everyone suddenly has opinions about everything. But especially in light of the recent Planned Parenthood debacle, abortion is a particularly hot-button issue. The hashtag “ShoutYourAbortion” began trending on Twitter the other day, which women used to state that they had an abortion and do not regret it.

Now, I have close friends with strong opinions on both sides of the abortion debate. If you’re wondering what my stance is, so am I. I suppose it is morally wrong…

I wish I was a strong enough woman, or had a strong enough faith to say “If I ever got pregnant unexpectedly, I would definitely keep the baby,” but I can’t say that.


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Actually, if I ever found myself unexpectedly pregnant, especially from -God forbid- a rape or other crime, I would want the option of an abortion. And I can’t say I wouldn’t get one. I guess this is one of those times that I see a disparage between something “moral” and something “right.”

One of my favorite “Humans of New York” photos is on the right. The caption reads:

“I was 16 when my girlfriend got pregnant. We went to the abortion clinic on 59th Street. We filled out the papers and everything. Then right before we were called back, we looked at each other, and said: ‘Let’s get out of here.'”

I actually got all choked up reading that for the first time, because its so human.

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People that protest in front of abortion clinics can shut the front door. You think any woman wants to be there? No! Getting an abortion is a horrible experience, emotionally and physically. Christians care so much about women walking into the clinic, but so little about the women walking out. Like it’s too late. Like they’ve failed. Well that’s BS. because the only failure would be to not provide unwavering support and grace.